Best DS Emulator For PC in 2023(Updated)

The world of computers and technology has evolved in a way that cannot be recognized like years before. Furthermore, there have been changes that people could not have ever imagined. There are so many software options in today’s era, and it becomes confusing to pick which is the best. There are so many games that can be found online. Older games need emulators, which now have a lot of fans because of the nostalgia factor. The best DS emulator for pc is something that every gamer looks for.

For the ones who are online gamers, they have seen a lot of technological changes. One of the most amazing inventions in the world of gaming was the introduction of Nintendo. Nintendo is a company that brought Nintendo Switch into the gaming market. The game that they introduced has grabbed the attention of the market entirely. This was major because of the introduction of Pokemon, which people fell in love with. However, the game is not affordable for everyone, nor can it buy it before a trial.

best ds emulator for pc
Nintendo DS

You may not always get an opportunity to try everything in a trial. So, you can make use of something known as an emulator. The emulator will act as a copy of the app and game and give you the same experience you will get after purchasing the main game. You will not be compelled to any trial period and can enjoy the emulator’s benefit.

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Best DS Emulator for PC To Choose From

Many emulators are available in the market and claim that they will give you the best service. However, they may not always be the best ones that are available in the market. Here are some of the best DS emulators for PC that you can pick from to get the best experience.


If you want an extremely user-friendly Pokemon Emulator for PC, OpenEmu is the one for you. This tool has a user interface similar to iTunes, so all the MAC users will fall in love with this tool. You have the liberty to arrange the games in the way you desire to rearrange them.


The drawback is that there are not many options to choose from when it comes to the variety of games. Also, this is only available on MAC, so for Windows users, you might have to skip to the subsequent parts of this article.

Visit: OpenEmu

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For those using Windows, NO$GBA is the best emulator for PC. This emulator is one of the rarest emulators that supports not only Nintendo DS Lite but also GBA. You might see that the graphic settings have minimal features. However, this emulator is one of the fastest ones you will ever find.


This is because it makes sure that too many resources are not wasted unnecessarily. NO$GBA fails to provide a variety of screen display options to its users. The multiplayer option does not always work and has been a disappointment as a feature.

Visit: NO$GBA


Another best DS emulator for PC is DeSmuME which is one tool that you can rely upon. Although the pronunciation is a little tricky, you should not judge a book by its cover. This Pokemon emulator for PC is something you should try if you have not. You can use this tool on both Windows and iOS. How cool can that be!


There is a bunch of customization you can enjoy if you are using this emulator. Yes, you can choose to customize the graphics in the way you want. This gives you the benefit of enjoying this tool the way you want. Here are some ways to make it run faster.

Visit: DeSmuME


If you just want to get a Pokemon emulator PC, then Citra should be your top pick. The major focus here is only Pokemon games, so if you are looking for a combination of games, you might want to skip to the next option directly.


For the Pokemon lovers, you should know one amazing thing about this Nintendo DS Emulator PC. You can enjoy playing games for a resolution of up to 4K. It will be difficult to find such an emulator somewhere else. Get Citra on your device if you want to get things started.

Visit: Citra

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Do you want the best DS emulator for PC that has amazing old games as well? RetroArch will let you live the retro lifestyle of game consoles. There are numerous emulators together to give the users an outstanding experience. If you are a non-tech-savvy person, this Nintendo DS emulator for PC will be a little challenging for you. Although after you get used to it, you can proceed with using it later on.


This tool has everything a gamer should experience before investing in the actual Nintendo. The emulator options can be adjusted and altered at the wish of the user. This tool is a unique tool because it has a set of pre-loaded games as well.

Visit: RetroArch

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You have a list of the best DS emulator for PC options to pick from now. You can use this set of emulators to check if you will be able to adapt to Nintendo. These emulators can be the best options that are available. Out of the ones suggested, the best option would be to get for DeSmuME because it is perfect for both operating systems – Windows and iOS. 

However, if you are looking for performance, best Nintendo ds emulator for PC will be RetroArch. You will get everything that you have been looking for with RetroArch.

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