14 Best Image Watermark Software for Windows to Use Now!

Many great, inspiring, and even budding artists around the globe work day and night burn the midnight oil, travel around to get a piece of art. They deserve their ownership.
Imagine someone just copies, or steals these and publish them as their own, without giving any credit to its original owner. Such, cases occur frequently, and we need copyright of the images for security. The simplest solution is to add watermarks to the image. And here is our list of top Image Watermark Software available for Windows.

What are Watermarks?

Watermarks are inferiorly visible numbers, text, shape, or any code on a document. These watermarks are symbols of copyright on any document. And the original owner can claim his rights using these Image Watermark Software.

You might have observed watermarks in Certificates, Government documents, office papers, Official documents, etc. This technique of watermarking is an act of adding logos, sign, images, or text on your document.

Here, after researching for a while, I have found out some of the best Image Watermark Software.

Top 14 Best Image Watermark Software for Windows

Check out the Softwares below with all the description alog with them.

Watermark Software

Watermark software is a great tool and very simple to use. The software has vast features. You can add logos, shapes, numbers and even texts of your choice as a watermark. Add watermark on the entire single image or add it on multiple images, Watermark Software can make it happen. The users can create templets for future use.

They can add visual effects on an image to produce wonderful results. The Image Watermark Software allows users to resize and rename their images without any difficulties. Add frames to the images as per your wish. It supports most of the image formats. This software is not independent of cost but is available free for a trial period.

uMark Free Watermark

uMark Free Watermark software is for those users who need to watermark more than one image at a time. This tool also allows a bit of image editing. Add borders and a little visual effect using this tool. Add shapes, macros, shapes and QR codes on the image as per your choice. This software allows users to add watermark in only nine directions of the image. Rotation of the image is not possible with a mouse.

Image Watermark Software
Best Image Watermark Software for Windows – uMark

If you are wondering how to put a watermark on a photo using this software, don’t worry. The interface of this Image Watermark Software is simple to use. Add style and texture to text for watermarks. Save your watermark for further use. The watermarks are added in such a fashion that they can remove later if needed. The option of resizing and renaming of images are also available. Do more with this Image Watermark Software.

Visit: uMark Free Watermark software

TSR Watermark

TSR Watermark Image is a watermarking tool for images. This tool has great functionality but is very simple to use. So, no need of advanced technical knowledge to use this great tool. Now protect your images from unwanted use and piracy. And claim what is rightfully yours.

TSR Watermark
TSR Watermark

Save your time with the batch facility in this tool and add watermark to multiple images at a time. You can also upload the watermarked images with a single click. Also, the option of sharing is also present. This tool is available free for a trial period only.

Visit: TSR Watermark Image


This watermarking software allows you several different kinds of ways to watermark your important files. You can use the huge number of different templates already available in the software to watermark your cherished photos and documents. You can also design and make your own personalized template to work on. 


Not only watermarks, but you can also generate QR Codes as a kind of watermark that can be used for scanning through smartphones and scanners. It also provides you with several editing options and hundreds of fonts to choose from for your watermark. You can also apply watermarks to several different images at the same time. This software is totally free to download and use. It’s easy and efficient for watermarking your photographs.

Visit: iWatermark

Star Watermark

Star watermark is another batch processing software. Batch processing refers to the process of processing many images in a single go. The tool also allows adding of text in various manners. Text can be added in many ways depending on color, depth, shadow and even highlight. You can also change the location and type of watermark in the image. Use this to enhance your skills in Image Watermark Software.

Star Watermark
Star Watermark

The tool is present in three versions, and each has its unique features. The only major setback is that you cannot preview your watermark during the process of editing. The user interface is not very simple and might be difficult for some users. This tool is available in paid versions. However, you can try free versions before buying for a trial period.

Visit: Star watermark


VisualWatermark is a simple yet efficient tool. The tool allows users to add copyright metadata to the image. It too supports batch processing and allows renaming and resizing of the batch files. The tool contains predefined 12 templates for easier use. Support 260 fronts and many transparency levels.

Visual Watermark
Visual Watermark

It comes with an additional feature of 66 effects. Visual Watermark is compatible with both Windows and Mac. It is free of cost but to use all features; you need to buy the entire pack.

Visit: VisualWatermark

BImage Watermark

BImage Watermark is a basic image editing tool. This tool is very simple and easy to use. It too supports batch processing. The features are very similar to the other tools.


The tool is compatible only with Windows and supports multiple languages. The tool is free of cost.

Visit: BImage

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Water Marquee

This watermarking service is one of the quickest and easiest options to give watermarks to your files. If you are wondering how to watermark a photo using this, the ability to just drag a preferred style of watermark and drop it on your file gets your work down in a matter of just seconds. 

aater marquee
Water Marquee

It offers you various styles and font selection options, and you can also adjust the transparency of the watermark according to what you prefer. Water Marquee is an online based platform and is very easy to understand. One can get to work with it right away. After getting done with your marking, you can save the files in your system easily.

Visit: Water marquee


PhotoMarks is a great cross platform apps for writing on pictures option. One can use it on their system or on their phone if they prefer. It provides the users with a big number of templates and design options.


One can adjust the size, style, and opacity according to what they would like on their photos or documents. Also, one can adjust the size of their photos without having to reduce the quality or going through lossy conversions. It is definitely a simple and efficient platform to operate and customize your images on. You can get the premium version of this software at a price of $4.99 only and use it on any of your systems, whether be PC or mobile phone as it is one of the best app to write on photos. 

Visit: Photomarks

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Total Watermark Professional

For starters, Total Watermark Professional is the perfect Image Watermark Software. The interface is very simple to use and contains all the features as its other sibling software. You can also modify the form of the image after adding the watermark to the image. It supports multiple image formats.

Total Watermark Professional
Total Watermark Professional

The only obstacle with this tool is that the watermark cannot move around the image with the mouse. You can position and rotate the watermark using coordinates. The tool is free for a trial period, after which you can buy it if you like.

Visit: Total Watermark Professional

Arclab Watermark Studio

Arclab Watermark Studio is a decent watermarking tool. You can add multiple layers of the watermark. The tool allows the user to add transparent and layered watermarks on the image.

Arclab® Watermark Studio
Arclab® Watermark Studio

The tool has its back draws. You cannot move your watermark freely around the image. It has 30 predefined positions for you to set. This makes the tool less user -friendly. There is a predefined watermark which, can be removed only in paid versions.

Visit: Arclab Watermark Studio

Alamoon Watermark

Alamoon Watermark is the simplest watermark tool. It does not have any great features. But you can move around your watermark anywhere in the image. Batch processing of images is available.

Alamoon Watermark
Alamoon Watermark

You can enhance images, but the renaming of images is not available. It is possible to add date-stamps to the images. You cannot add images and watermarks. It is available in both unpaid and paid editions.

Aoao Watermark

Aoao Watermark is a very decent and efficient watermarking software. It contains most of the tools for image editing and enhancement. The tools allow users full control over the placement of watermark in the image.

Aoao Watermark
Aoao Watermark

Users can add a frame to the images and add gifs as a Image Watermark Software. The tool comes with a library of more than 150 predefined watermarks. It too is available in free and paid versions.

Visit: Aoao Watermark

cdWorks Photo Helper

While cdWorks Photo Helper may not be exclusively a software for just watermarking, it is one of the best photo editors, which gives you an extra option to add watermarks to your files.

So you can both edit and customize your photo using the advanced settings and then watermark them in the end for your complete product. So it is a platform where you can do all the work under one roof. This makes doing the whole process very easy and quick to get over, not to forget how simple it lets you insert a watermark. A couple of clicks is all you require. Since it is a powerful tool, the speed at which your work gets done is way more faster than other services.


You can use the already provided template options or use the graphics to create your very own watermark, with a font, style, size, and opacity of your choice. This software also has a watermark text wizard provision to make your work easier. You can also save your files in your desired format.

Visit: CdWorks Photo Helper


Copyright of any data is very important, especially when you have spent a lot of hard work in it. So, to protect your pictures and images, I have listed the top 10 best image watermark software for windows. So, enjoy your secure images.

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