[Latest] 4 Best Free MetroPCS IMEI Checker Tools (2018)

If you live in the US, you will know about the service provider named as MetroPCS. They (try to) compete with other big names like AT&T and Cricket wireless, and provide unlimited data offers on amazing discounts in partnership with companies like LG and ZTE. Though they are primarily owned by the same company and they even share the towers and everything, they have managed to maintain their identity as a Mobile Virtual Network Operator. Thus you must know about the best MetroPCS IMEI Checker tools out there.

I hear they are even working on some virtual voice assistants. Sounds pretty cool, doesn’t it? I mean, there is a significant shortage of voice assistants in the market mate! We need some more voice-based programs which often have no clue what I am telling them to do in my Indian accent. But thankfully, that is not what we are about to discuss here. We can debate on whether my opinion on voice assistants is correct or absolutely correct some other time. But right now with these metropcs imei check tools, let’s focus on IMEI numbers.

If you have a MetroPCS phone on you and you are wondering whether some tools can help you quickly check your MetroPCS IMEI number, you’re right. Though T-mobile and MetroPCS share the same bands for cellular transmission, you will have different IMEI numbers on your phone as an IMEI number is like a DNA print of the device. No two number sequences can be the same.

List of Best MetroPCS IMEI Checker

So here are some online MetroPCS IMEI checker tools to help you check your MetroPCS IMEI number. Let’s get to it.


Though it sounds like a superhero or some other character out of a movie, DoctorSIM is a MetroPCS IMEI checker tool that helps you check your phone’s IMEI number for validity. Simply enter your IMEI number in the textbox and hit the button that says check. It will compare its blacklist database for a match, and you will get a hit more often than not.

It will provide you detailed info about your device, including the type of device, the model, brand, the TAC breakdown (whatever that means!) and a possible alias. You will get all the significant details for free, which is good enough for most of us.

But of course, the full status report from this metro pcs imei check tool is not free. You will have to pay about 4 US dollars to get it. Not a big deal for you Americans, I know. But to me, that’s like 235 Indian rupees. No thanks! But regardless of how cheap I am, it is very convenient to have such tools at our disposal, where we can check an IMEI number in a matter of seconds.

Check out DoctorSIM to know more about your target MetroPCS device of which you have only the IMEI number.

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Even I have no idea as to how this name is pronounced correctly. But regardless of that, checkesnfree is a MetroPCS IMEI Checker that can check your MetroPCS device IMEI against a massive collection of blacklisted numbers and fetch some details for you. Once you visit their site, you just have to select your carrier, which in our case is MetroPCS.

The IMEI check database is shared between MetroPCS as well as T-Mobile at this website, which is fine. As I said earlier, the carriers have a common owner, and they also same signal towers to spread their reception. So it’s natural and expectable for them to share their IMEI registration databases.

If you want full details of your IMEI number and an API for the same using this metropcs imei check tool, you will need to provide some essential details about yourself. They only ask for an email address and a message where you can type in a query you have for them. Check out the checkesnfree website yourself. It is a pretty hassle-free service for free, as per my knowledge.


Swappa is a place where you usually buy and sell phones and other stuff. It is similar to eBay, but provides some additional things, like MetroPCS IMEI checker for verifying device details. But bear in mind, you might have to use a VPN service or something because swappa does not open properly in some regions.

Even I had issues with the page, where the metropcs imei check tool showed me a bad gateway message once, and a “DNS server not found” error the other time. But there was one error that was pretty much always consistent every time the metropcs imei check tool did manage to load up. It read “Sorry, this service is not allowed in all countries.”

See if this web page loads up at your location because it appears they have some issues at the moment. Otherwise, this is also an excellent metropcs imei check service which works for all major carrier phones, including our MetroPCS carrier phones. Go ahead and try to load Swappa and see if it works.


It is a website that acts as a MetroPCS IMEI checker, and it scans your number for your respective carrier and other details. In the drop-down menu which says, Please choose checker, select MetroPCS which is free. There are a bunch of other services available, some of which are paid and rest are free ones. This site serves our purpose just fine.

There is a captcha authentication as well as SSL encryption to protect their services, which is pretty dope. They even have dedicated APIs for these services which you can embed and employ elsewhere if you are a developer. Those high-end services will apparently cost you because they got to eat too. You can donate to this MetroPCS IMEI Checker regardless, and I suggest you do. After all, the fantastic service that these tools provide make our lives a lot easier, so it is worth buying them a beer, don’t you think?


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