How To Block A User On Reddit? [Complete Guide]

Most of us use Reddit. Sometimes we might have several people there who are quite annoying. Can we block someone on reddit? If yes, then how to block them?  Well, in this article, we will see how to block a user on reddit. You can also check out how to quote on reddit here.


All of us have doubts, and sometimes, we do not wish to reveal our names when we ask for doubts. The internet may not always have answers for the doubts you have. So, what can be done in such a scenario?

For such people, there is a platform named Reddit. Reddit is one of the widely used platforms that allows people to pose questions on any topic they are confused about. It is one of the most non-judgmental platforms that will help you even to ask questions unanimously. This further helps to protect your identity on this social media platform.

In some instances, you will see users sending you annoying messages via Reddit. They might also constantly spam your posts with their unwanted comments. After a certain point, you might want to block them from your account so that you do not have any contact with them. Now how to block them? 

In this article, you will get the techniques that will help you to know how to block a user on reddit in an extremely unchallenging manner. Ensure that you spend enough time first reading the steps properly; then, you can proceed to perform it.

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Techniques How To Block A User On Reddit Easily

The device that the user uses to access Reddit will influence the technique that needs to be followed. In most cases, it is similar, but you should notice that not all have the same procedure. Once that is done, you will see an option that allows you to block the user. As soon as you are extremely sure to do this, you should select that option. Reddit will still ask you if you really want to do it. Only hit yes when you are 100% certain that you do not want the particular user to contact you ever again via Reddit. It is now clear how to block someone on Reddit using the website.

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Block Reddit User On Windows

Make sure that you are logged in on the official site of Reddit. You will either have to look for the user in the messages they must have texted you or hunt for their comment. Next to either of them, you will see an option to block that certain user.

how to block someone on reddit
How to block someone on Reddit

On the official site, they will still ask you if you are sure to block this user. When you confirm this, you can see that the user will not contact you anymore. This is how to block a user on reddit using your Windows device.

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How To Block On Reddit Using The Reddit Application

With this technique here, you will know how to block a user on reddit using the iOS and Android applications. Both of them have a similar process that needs to be followed. Also, you will notice that it is something that will ask you to do the steps as you did it on the site. What you need to do is, in either of your operating system mobile phones, open the application of Reddit.

how to block someone on reddit
How to block someone on Reddit

Open the messages that the user had sent you. This might be present on the bottom right of the screen when it comes to Android. You can directly block the user from there. An alternative could be to direct yourself to a post where the user must have commented. There will be three dots next to the comment where you will see the option to block the particular user.

Both devices will still ask you to Confirm the block once. Doing that will block the user from your Reddit account.

How To Block A User On Reddit Using Your MAC

MAC users generally use Safari to access Reddit. What you learned for the Windows device, you need to do it here too. Again, you need to obtain the message that the user sent you or look for the comment that annoys you. At the side of the comment or message, you will see an option that will allow you to block the user from your account. Even in MAC, there will be a pop-up that confirms if you really want to block that user or not. Make sure that you only confirm after you are sure. 


Hope this article gave you an idea about how to block a user on reddit. Reddit gives you the power to block any annoying user who irritates you. Nothing technical has been presented here for you to follow. Even if you have used Reddit once or twice, it will be easy for you to block someone on Reddit in an unchallenging manner.

Blocking someone on Reddit will lead to a wall-like barrier between you and them. There will be no communication that can happen via Reddit. These users will not get to know if you are blocking them. However, even once you block them, they can still see what you are posting, and they can still comment. The only difference is that you cannot see them commenting on your posts. You can say it is restricting them from interacting with you rather than cutting communication at all. Or maybe, you can mute them for yourself.

Blocking someone on Reddit does not mean they cannot unblock them on Reddit forever. After some time, you can choose to unblock the user does not annoy you anymore, like how they behaved.


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