Can You Still Mine Bitcoin Or Should You Just Buy It?

Bitcoin is a digital currency that offers a wide range of benefits. Two of the most popular ways to acquire bitcoins are mining and buying. Now, there is a lot of confusion related to these two methods among the users. So if you want to know which one you should go for, you must read this article.

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What Is Bitcoin Mining?

Before we get to know that which one is better, you need to learn about bitcoin mining. It is a complex process and requires some complex hardware and mining rig, which is quite expensive. If you cannot afford such expensive hardware, you can also get it on rent and mine bitcoins in a group of miners. It is termed cloud mining and makes bitcoins mining highly affordable and convenient. Cloud mining is done over the cloud, which removes the hassle of maintaining the equipment, energy bills, and other issues.

bitcoin mining

Bitcoin mining is a complex process but is an except a way to acquire bitcoins. You can use cloud mining to get some bitcoins without purchasing them over any online bitcoin exchange. Bitcoin miners are rewarded with bitcoins for solving each block and adding it to the blockchain. So, if you have the required hardware, skills, and knowledge, you can mine bitcoins easily.

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Why Is Bitcoin Buying Better Than Mining?

Bitcoin is getting increasingly popular, and with its increasing popularity, the confusion among the users between bitcoin buying and mining is also increasing. There are two ways to get bitcoins; either buy them online or mine them.

mining vs buying

Some users believe that buying bitcoins is more convenient, whereas some think that cloud mining is a better option. So, to know which one is better, the following are some points comparisons which will provide you with a clear idea.

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Cost And Revenue

One of the most important aspects you need to focus on while comparing bitcoin trading and cloud mining is the cost and revenue. If you buy bitcoin, you need to pay an amount for it according to its current market price at that time. You can also purchase small portions of bitcoin, but still, you will have to pay the amount of them. There is some scope that the amount that you have invested in bitcoin will offer you good returns, but bitcoin is a volatile cryptocurrency, and if it crashes, you may also face a loss.

cost and revenue

With cloud mining of bitcoins, the investment is low compared to the reward you will receive. If you join a cloud mining website, you will have to pay a fixed amount for the contract, and after that, you can start mining bitcoins. With cloud mining, you never know that you may get more than one bitcoin also. So, it is a lot easier to get your invested amount back, and if the demand for bitcoins increases, its price will also go up, which will help you earn some additional profits.

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Ease To Diversify 

When buying cryptocurrencies, it is highly important to focus on diversification and investing in different coins. If you prefer buying bitcoins, you will have to purchase other cryptocurrencies for diversification. With that, you will also have to keep an eye on the market of each one of them so that you can make profitable trades and earn money. With bitcoin cloud mining, there is no issue of diversification as there are certain online services that you can use. They will handle everything related to the diversification on their own. You can mine the cryptocurrencies according to your convenience, and the service will follow your instructions.


Cloud mining allows you to mine varying cryptocurrencies other than bitcoin easily and without the need to keep a close eye on the market. The in-built system will automatically keep track of the market and check which one is most profitable and will switch accordingly. 

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To conclude, there are several ways to get bitcoins, and two of them are cloud mining and buying bitcoins. But if you consider the factors mentioned above, cloud mining is a better option.

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