9mobile APN Settings | Complete Configuration Guide

Do you want to know how to get your 9mobile apn settings on your device? Then this article is definitely for you. The following article will display how to configure 9mobile apn settings automatically or manually. Configurations can be complicated; click here to see how to fix the stuck-on configuration setting on Windows. 

9mobile is growing fast because of the excellent services it offers. So it is crystal clear that one would want those services or the internet for themselves. There will be two ways to configure them, i.e., automatic and manual, and we will show you both of them, so you get the best service!

We will tell you how you can configure the settings for yourself. Talking of apn settings, check out other apn settings like gosmart apn, metropocs apn, Verizon apn, and FreedomPop apn here. 

What Is A 9mobile?

9mobile is a telecommunications company that hails from Nigeria and provides cell services. The name before 9mobile was Etisalat. The name was changed due to a crisis that befell the company. This company is known to have a quick internet speed, and one can enjoy fast browsing on the net. The brand has been made new, and due to this reason, one might not be able to enjoy the services offered by 9mobile anymore. Everyone wants the 9mobile internet settings. But do not worry because we explain how to configure the settings of 9mobile apn yourself. There is a similar wireless service as 9mobile- straight talk. Here is how you can configure apn settings for straight talk.

what is a 9mobile

Another question that arises is what APN means. Now for people new to this and want fast internet, we will clarify what it is for you. Access Point Name is the APN you need to set. So you can get regular internet, your device must be configured to a particular APN. It helps to find the correct IP address so the network can reach your mobile. Not just this, it is also connected to the security of your mobile. 

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Configuration Of 9mobile APN Settings

These are the ways to configure 9mobile APN Settings.

Manual Configuration

This is how you should do the configuration of 9mobile apn settings manually:

  1. Go to the settings first.
  2. Then you will see the option of mobile networks.
  3. Press the mobile networks option.
  4. You will see something called an Access Point name.
  5. After you know the access point name, click on the menu button.this is how you should do the configuration of 9mobile apn settings manually
  6. Then choose a new APN.
  7. Click on the name field.
  8. You need to type “everywhere” in said field and press on the OK option.
  9. Then select the username field and click on it.
  10. Put in the username secure and choose the OK option again.
  11. Then move on to the password field, set in the password safe, and select the OK option for the third time.

This is one way to get the apn for 9mobile. But with this done, you must also be changing MMS settings. This means that to get multimedia messages without wifi, you will need the correct APN and MMS settings. Read this article if you want to find out what to do if MMS is not working on your phone. 

By Changing MMS Settings and Correct APN

Here is how you can change these too.

  1. Go to the menu button again.
  2. Move on to the “new apn” field, and the name field will be visible. Click on that same field.
  3. You will have to enter MMS and press the OK option.
  4. Then go to the APN field, enter ‘eezone,’ and again select the OK option.
  5. Go to the username field and put in eesecure and say OK.
  6. Then go to the password field, put it in secure, and select the OK option.by changing MMS settings and correct APN
  7. You might see an MMSC field. In this field, you will be putting http://MMS/ and selecting OK.
  8. You will also see an MMS proxy field. In this field, enter the long number and select OK again.
  9. Find the MMS port, and put in the number 8080.
  10. In the authentication type field, write down PAP. This will be way down from the previous field, so you might need to scroll a bit.
  11. Then in the APN type field should be MMS or *
  12. Save all of this and go on to the menu button again.

This whole process will instantly give you a faster internet connection and multimedia messages. Now the above process might apply to some android devices. We know it is a long and boring process, but newer appliances have an easier way to configure the 9mobile apn settings.

Configure 9mobile In New Devices

  1. Go to the settings first.
  2. You can see the connections in the settings. 
  3. From there, you can see the mobile network option.
  4. In this, there will be something called an access point name. Put in our APN, which is 9mobile.
  5. Then put in 9mobile again for the option APN.configure 9mobile in new devices
  6. The username and login must be left blank.
  7. The password should also be left blank.
  8. There will be something called an IP address or proxy. A number must be put in here, which is
  9. 8080 should be entered in the Port field box.
  10. Set the default as APN type. 
  11. Do not forget to save all the changes you made to the VPN settings.

That is it. 9mobile services will reach your device after following all the instructions. 

Configuring 9mobile Apn Settings Automatically

There is just one tiny step to this. All you have to do is type SETTINGS and send this to the number 790. After doing this, you might have to wait a while as the internet could get spotty and need time to adjust.

configuring 9mobile apn settings automatically

But your device’s net will start working soon enough. The intuitive way might seem the easiest but sometimes does not work on several devices. This is why the manual comes in handy.

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Is there an APN in MMS too?

Yes, it is there to connect your phone's address to the right network. The MMS media also helps to get multimedia messages; you cannot have one without the other. It also helps link the IP address to the data that your APN might be configured to. It does everything it needs to ensure that your phone gets adequate data and works smoothly.

Will anything bad happen after one changes the APN of the device?

No, nothing bad will happen. But your device might not get an internet connection for a while as you have changed the provider. The device will surely take some time to adjust. But once it does, it will be running smoothly. If it does not, you must try restarting your phone. But there are also instances where the provider might have two APNs instead of one. So one must always be mindful of that.

Is there a best APN setting, and is it 9mobile?

This is a difficult question to answer as advice on this differs greatly. It all comes down to whether the APN offers good services at reasonable prices. It also comes down to fast internet services and MMS. Some people prefer one or the other.

Why is the APN not working?

Sometimes, setting up a new APN takes time to settle down completely. It might take some time. If it does not start at all, one can restart the device. If something is wrong or the device does not work, you can take it to your provider or a shop that has set the network.


The above-given article was a short guide on 9mobile configuration settings and commenced here. It is one of the fastest VPNs and hence very much advocated for. We hope you can configure your 9mobile apn settings without too much trouble. There are some general simple mobile apn settings to keep in mind as pre-requisites. 

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