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Purchasing a new cellphone is always a great feeling. However, this purchase also comes with the headache of backing up the data on your previous cellphone and transferring it to the new one. This is where Anytrans comes in to take the reigns. In short, Anytrans is an effective and simple to use software designed for the backup and organization of your data. It has been devised to work with all iOS devices, ranging right from iPhone 3G to the iPhone 12 Pro Max we have today. It is no doubt that Anytrans saves time and money. With their service, you can freely transfer copious amounts of data between iOS devices of all types and models. The software supports 27 different types of data so that you can stay at rest assured that you’re getting your money’s worth. Today, we will be covering in-depth the Anytrans backup service.

Backing up your iPhone data has become a less tedious process, thanks to Anytrans. In a single tap of a button, the Anytrans backup service will back up your iPhone data. Additionally, the Anytrans backup service also allows you to manage your backups as per your convenience. Anytrans promises its users a clean and easy to understand interface. Therefore, it makes data backup seem like a piece of cake, even for those who aren’t very well versed with technology. The software comes bundled with an array of features. So without further ado, let’s get right into it. We have also reviewed Anytrans, click here to read that.

AnyTrans Backup Features

For starters, keeping a backup of the data on your iPhone is essential. This is a precautionary measure that should always be taken in the event of your phone getting misplaced. It is to avoid having to go through the process of restoring deleted files on your iPhone. Therefore, to keep data loss at a bare minimum, you can employ the Anytrans backup service usage. Following are its features.

Supports all iPhone models

The best part of Anytrans backup is that it offers backup for all iPhone models. This includes devices released all the way from the iPhone 3G to the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

anytrans backup

Not only so, basically all iOS devices, i.e., iPhone, but iPad and iPod running on iOS 5 and above can also be backed up with Anytrans. Therefore, irrespective of the model and type of iOS device you own, you will be able to back up the data with ease

A one-stop solution for backing up your iPhone data

Anytrans backup prides itself in being its users’ one-stop solution to everything related to backing up data. A normal iTunes backup can take forever, depending on the size of the backup and the wi-fi speed.

One stop Backup
One stop Backup

This is where Anytrans backup steps in. The software will automatically back up your data wirelessly as per the schedule set by you. With Anytrans, you can also integrate, view, restore, and extract all of your backups in one spot.

Flexible backups

When it comes to offering its users flexibility with reference to their features, Anytrans has taken care of it all. You can decide between a full backup or an incremental backup, depending on your requirement. Therefore, you need not have to back up all the data on your phone each time.

flexible backup
Flexible backups

Anytrans also offers the luxury of backup of only the modified or newly added data. Therefore, you are ensured that none of your time or disk space is being wasted during the backup process.

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Scheduled backups

With Anytrans, you are promised automatic backups that take place wirelessly depending on how you schedule them. These backups could take place on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

scheduled backups
Scheduled backups

With this feature, you need not manually have to backup your iPhone data from time to time. This way, you’ll always have the backed up data in the event of any discrepancy with your iPhone.

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Comprehensive backup option

The highlight of Anytrans backup is that you can use the service to back up much more data than what iTunes allows. To put it in perspective, Anytrans backup will enable you to backup ten more types of data than what iTunes permits.

comprehensive backup option
Comprehensive backup option

Therefore, you can not only backup contacts, camera roll, messages, etc. but also movies, music, ringtones, TV shows, etc. You can checkout Anytrans for the full comprehensive list of all of the items you can backup with their software.

100% safety of data ensured during backup

Backing up your iPhone’s data with Anytrans is as safe as it can get. The backups are created by a USB cable or an SSL secured wi-fi. Storing of data is locally in the hard disk.

ssl secured wi-fi
SSL secured wi-fi

Since the data transition never takes place over the internet,. It further employs the use of an unbreakable iTunes backup encryption technology. Therefore, only you will have full access to your backup.


So we covered all the details you need to know about the Anytrans backup feature. It is truly your one-stop answer to everything related to data backup. Anytrans also offers a free version if you wish to check out the software before purchasing it. All in all, it works brilliantly and has received positive testimonials from several users too. So make backing up easy for you by using Anytrans. 

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