iPhone 12 was released a few days ago for sale, so you are probably looking to upgrade. However, along with an upgrade comes the stress of transferring and organizing your data from your phone to the iPhone 12. If this is the case, then AnyTrans has a solution for you. AnyTrans covers all Apple devices running on iOS 5 and above. So the data management couldn’t get any more straightforward for the family. Here is an in-depth AnyTrans review to help you get started with your iPhone 12’s content management.

Is it Safe to Use AnyTrans? Yes! Using AnyTrans on your mobile, PC, or Mac computer is unquestionably secure. But you must download and install AnyTrans from iMobie’s official website to ensure you are running the most recent and secure software.

iMobie Anytrans

AnyTrans is a mobile application that efficiently transfers, organizes, and backs up data on iOS devices with just one click. With a simple interface, it offers a comprehensive content management solution for iPhone users. AnyTrans offers numerous features, making it a one-stop solution for all data-related tasks. After a thorough review, Some of the best features of AnyTrans include an easy-to-use interface, efficient content management, and a user-friendly interface.

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One-stop Solution To Migrating Data

The first feature we have included in our AnyTrans review is that you can efficiently transfer your data from your old mobile device to the new iPhone 12 you recently purchased. Hence, you can migrate the data and settings of your previous device with a single click.data migration

AnyTrans supports data migration from your old iPhone to a new iPhone and from an Android device to an iOS device. Additionally, it supports data transfer from the iTunes Library, iCloud, and iTunes backups to the iPhone 12.

AnyTrans transfers all data that matters the most to you with a simple click, including your photos, contacts, music, etc. Another benefit of AnyTrans is that it provides a way to transfer all download apps on your old iPhone to your iPhone 12, so you don’t need to waste your time and internet downloading these apps again.

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Simple And Effective Data Management

Moving in our AnyTrans review lets us first know about AnyTrans. AnyTrans is ideal for day-to-day data management. The application allows you to efficiently transfer data from one device to another, including the computer to the iPhone 12.data management

Regarding sharing photos, AnyTrans goes one step ahead by categorizing your pictures and videos per their types. This includes Selfies, Live photos, and the albums created by you.

This way, you can quickly locate the photo or video you seek. Hence, saving you time and the hassle of going through hundreds of photos. All required is a simple click, and all your photos are transferred as per their category.anytrans for ios

AnyTrans also promises no limits when it comes to transferring music between devices. Feel yourself bound by iTunes restrictions? Well, not anymore.

With AnyTrans, you can take your music from your old device to your new phone 12. Add songs from different computers without fear of losing pre-existing music on your iPhone 12.

Your messages are critical and may contain sensitive data; hence, ensuring their efficient and straightforward transfer is what AnyTrans does best. You can export your messages to your computer or even print them out.Anytrans

The application transfers your messages, voice recordings, photos, stickers, and music. AnyTrans ensure transfers of all attachments. This also includes the transfer of chats from WhatsApp, Viber, and LINE.

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Automatic Data Backup

The final feature that we have included in our AnyTrans review is that the application automatically backs all your data. AnyTrans automatically and wirelessly back up your data as per your requirement.

You get to decide the frequency of the same. Along with what iTunes allows you to back up. AnyTrans gives you the luxury to back up your imported photos, films, TV shows, Music, Ringtones, Audiobooks, and much more.backup

Whatever kind of data you have, AnyTrans will back it up for you. An additional feature that AnyTrans offers regarding backing up is an incremental backup.

You can back up only the newly added data or any changes you’ve made to the pre-existing data. This saves time as well as disc space. To know about the 6 Ways to Get iPhone Emojis on Android. Click here!

homescreenIn addition to that, no data transfer with AnyTrans takes place over the Internet. Plus, it uses iTunes backup encryption technology, ensuring your data is safe and secure.

Alongside an automatic backup, AnyTrans also provides a way to restore all your lost data. It permits you to preview your backup content. Further gives you the luxury of restoring the data you are missing.restore backup

iTunes and iCloud, on the other hand, iTunes and iCloud only permit you to fix the whole data set without letting you know if it contains the missing data. You can also restore your backup from multiple sources, increasing the chances of retrieving lost data.

Finally, AnyTrans maintains details of the date, size, and backup type of all the backups that have been conducted in the past for your convenience.

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Essential Utility Tools For iPhone 12

Last but not least, our AnyTrans review lets us know more features of Anytrans. Alongside these three primary functions to simplify data management for iPhone 12, AnyTrans also provides features like customizing ringtones and downloading music and videos from online sources.

Also, it offers to download and install apps for iPhone, and iPhone screen mirroring, recording, and capturing to the computer. It is truly your one-stop solution to everything regarding the daily usage of your iPhone 12.essential tools

You can use the ringtone maker to make personalized ringtones using your favorite tunes. The ringtone can be saved automatically to your iPhone after being made.

You may download, install, and update apps with the app downloader tool. Additionally, it enables you to move programs and app data between devices and batch uninstalls.Category

If you want to win an iPhone 12, AnyTrans has come out with a contest for that too! All users can submit an entry for this contest by sharing their first iPhone Story and the hashtag #BackupwithAnyTrans. You can share your story on any social media site like Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook and gain an opportunity to win a free iPhone 12! 


Restore the iTunes/Media Library

This function lets you quickly restore only the contents of your computer’s local media library without wiping away any previously stored information on the iPhone.itunes and music

Only audio, video, podcasts, and books are supported in this mode.

Backup Manager

You may view every iTunes backup stored on your computer using Backup Manager.backing up Additionally, you can examine each backup’s contents before confirming which one to restore.

iCloud Manager

You have complete control over your iCloud backups using iCloud Manager. This function lets you view and manage the data stored in your iCloud drive, export iCloud data to your local drive, import files from your local computer drive to iCloud, and synchronize data between two distinct iCloud accounts with just one click. icloudRemember that to access these services; you must first sign in to your iCloud account using your credentials.

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Review of AnyTrans’s iMobie user interface

The user interface on AnyTrans is fantastic. They most likely used their best UI design for it. The user interface appears to be quite sleek and straightforward. The animation and visual effects are pretty impressive. user interfaceAnimation that changes between different features looks incredibly smooth and appealing. Both dark and light versions are available. It mimics your device’s preferred color scheme. AnyTrans will display a dark user interface if dark mode is enabled in macOS, and vice versa.

You will like the UI overall. All features are extremely easily accessible. Nobody ought to experience any problems.

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AnyTrans, either free or paid?

You may use AnyTrans's free trial version to test the WhatsApp transfer feature by downloading it for nothing. The amount of WhatsApp data you can send in the free version does not have more options. Moreover, AnyTrans' complete version is recommended if you wish to utilize it without hindrance.

How do I get AnyTrans off of my iPhone?

Utilize a USB cord to connect your device, then navigate to the category administration page and select the Photos tab. Step 2: AnyTrans would show all of your iPhone or iPad's photos. Then, as seen below, click the Trash icon after picking the pictures.

Why can't AnyTrans recognize my iPhone?

iTunes is not correctly installed. The most recent version of AnyTrans is not in use. The blocking of connection by the antivirus program could be one of the reasons.

AnyTrans: Is it a reliable app?

From the perspective of malware and viruses, it is completely secure to use. The installer file ensures you get the most recent and safe software version by downloading it directly from the iMobie website and installing it.


So here is our in-depth AnyTrans review. Therefore, if you want to purchase the new iPhone 12 or already have one, you can simplify all your data-related tasks with just one click with AnyTrans.

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