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Today we’re going to talk about the solution to a problem we’ all face, privileged as we are. The folks with iPhones often have to face the challenge. Try as they might, they can’t transfer files from their devices to the others. To aid you in it, people, we have a tool called AnyTrans. And I’m going to present an AnyTrans review for you, as to make things easier.

Sometimes you’d want to transfer some essential documents or ppt to your computer for presentational purposes. Or it can be some photos that you’d like to back up. All these purposes require a transfer, for which it is important to refer AnyTrans Review.

AnyTrans Review
AnyTrans Review

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Everything to Know About AnyTrans Software 

As you must have figured out from the above text, AnyTrans is a high-end iPhone managing software. It helps in transferring files between variants of apples’ devices and others.

It makes transfer secure between your iPad, Mac, or your apple phone with devices like computers, laptops, and mobile phones. You can transfer anything from photos, videos, music, documents, basically everything and anything.

You can also visit this page after you read the AnyTrans review for detailed point to point information.

Up next, in the AnyTrans review, I’m going to share with you some striking highlights of AnyTrans software.

Master Organizer 

The first fantastic feature it has, is that it organizes everything so splendidly for you. From stacking your pictures according to locations and your music according to dates, it has got you covered.

Apart from that, it allows you to edit documents easily and monitors the memory as well. Honestly, what else do you need?

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Hassle-free and Secure Movement 

The next factor in AnyTrans review is that it facilitates you to have an unhassled and completely safe transfer. It takes into account all the essential elements, ensuring security, ease of operation, and all else.

You can transfer over a wireless network or using cables. However, it suits you. It also has several encryptions in place, for the interception perspective.

No Compatibility Issue 

There exists no question of apparent compatibility between devices. That is because the transfer can happen quickly between all kinds of devices. Be it, iPhone to iPhone, iPhone to android, mac/iPad to windows PC/android phone so on and so forth.

Smartest Downloading Companion: I won’t be exaggerating in saying that there is no better downloading partner you can get. It’s a complete package that makes downloading stuff on your device a cakewalk by just needing a URL for the same. It relieves you from all else.

Systemizes All Your Data 

The last step I want to put forth in the AnyTrans review is its capability to be an excellent organizer.

It looks over your application and files, can handle downloading and deleting a bunch of them together. Thus, catering to your time limits. Also, it gets the sharing option on your fingertips.

Have I tempted enough? Yes? I was hoping you could access this link to get your hands on AnyTrans. It’s a direct link to their page, so you don’t have to go to the troubles of finding it yourself.

In the upcoming portion of AnyTrans Review, I’m going to explain the steps of performing the said transfer between an iPhone to a PC. So let us dig in.


How to Transfer Files From iPhone to PC 

Another reason why I’m writing the AnyTrans review is that it is so incredibly simple to work with. I think you’ll love it, just like I do. Now, I’ll tell you how you can use AnyTrans to transfer your photos/files from your iPhone.

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  1. Firstly, tap the application to open it. Once you open it, you have to go ahead and connect it to the receiving device. Which, in our case, is a computer. Connection, you have to establish using a USB cable, the same one that comes along with your charger.
  2. Usually, every computer detects a potential connection automatically. However, if you don’t connect, it displays a message indicating so and asking you to join.

If connected, follow the below procedure.

  1. Coming to the actual transfer, there is a “More” button on the extreme right. It looks like three dots in a box. 
  2. Click it and then select the variant, it is Camera roll, in our case. Camera roll hosts the bunch of pictures that we click from our phone.
  3. Select the photos which want to transfer to the computer. You can choose as many as you want. After that, you have to click on the button, which has a laptop with an incoming arrow. If you have to transfer to a mobile, then the computer is replaced by a phone.
  4. You can also change the location to store the photos on your computer by browsing
  5. After that, the transfer is complete, and you can see the sent media under the “view files” option.

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That was Anytrans review for an app that can come in handy when you want to share files from iPhone to any other platform. I’ve covered all there was, but you can see the Complete and even more detailed guide, in case you have doubts.

Don’t forget to keep visiting us for more such content.

Why Would You Want to Transfer from iPhone to PC?

Not only does it solve the problem of transfer, but it also addresses the issues of memory management and file management.

As you know, there is no option of an external SD card in an iPhone, which can be pretty problematic. Imagine, you have to delete the old photos to make space for new ones. Sounds horrible?

What if you cannot get more songs on your phone because you haven’t got any more space. These are only a few reasons, but enough to have you read AnyTrans review.

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