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Google Ads, formerly known as Google Adwords is an online advertising platform managed by Google. Here advertisers should pay a sum to display their brief advertisements, various service offerings, product listings, minor video content and generate mobile application installs within the Google ads network to web users. Thus, you must know how to get Get Google AdWords Certified as soon as possible!

Google Adwords Certification is a free service now, although it was a paid service before.
Although getting certified in two days is not an easy task, you can still achieve it by following the methods discussed here.

To Get Google AdWords Certified, you must first become a verified account holder and to be so, and you must first fulfill some basic criteria and pass exams. In order for you to get Google Ads certification, you must first signup and login in to “Google academy for ads.”

Some of the essential items needed to qualify the tests. To begin with, you will be needing the following:

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  • A personal computer
  • An active internet connection
  • A writing notebook
  • Writing pens and stationary
  • A comfortable spot to work from.

How to Get Google AdWords Certified Now?

If you have a Gmail ID, then it will be very simple, and you can just log in with your Gmail ID and access the contents of ” Google academy for ads.” The platform is not only for Google ads certification, but it also consists of different genres of courses such as “Google,” ” Android Enterprise Academy,” “ Google Web Designer” and many more.

You will have to select any of the courses that you want to study and give the exam, but your prerequisite must be that “Google Ads Fundamentals” should be your initial selection of study because in order to qualify for any other Google ads certifications you must first have the “ Google Ads Fundamentals” certification.

Going through the first module of “Understanding the Value of Online Advertising” to Get Google AdWords Certified will give you a general comprehension of how AdWords works. Google does a remarkable job of making them clear and informational.

As you study the remaining modules, break out the notebook and take plenty of notes that you can reference during the test. Taking screenshots of the study guide will also be of great help, as you can refer to them as and when needed.

If you still have ongoing doubts, you can check out AdHawk’s “Marketer’s Guide to Google AdWords,” to further polish your skills.


Once you clear the Google Ads Fundamentals certification, you can then try for these Certifications step by step :

  1. Google Search
  2. Google Display
  3. Video
  4. Google Shopping
  5. Google Ads Mobile

The “Google Search Certification” is the epi-centre of Google Ads base, and so once you are clear with the various concepts of Google search by obtaining the certification, then the remaining courses to Get Google AdWords Certified can be attempted one by one. One thing to note is that each of the certifications has different study materials in it and different concepts too.

Remember to avoid rote memorization. Trying to memorize most of the information into your brain is a recipe for disaster come during exam time. Instead, try to understand the materials conceptually and how they apply to an actual search campaign.

Solve Many Practice Exams

Practice exams can help you to review how much of the material you know. Here are some practice exams that will be beneficial to learners:

iPassExam: Although the complete course is paid, a free trial version to Get Google AdWords Certified provides you with an overview of the exam and gives up to 40 practice questions.

GyaniAkash: This practice exam will consist of 50 questions. The questions are quite helpful, but the wording may be a bit confusing.

Frequently Asked Questions About Google Adwords Certification

After you are confident enough, go for the final exam. It is recommended to use two monitors or two computers during the exams. This approach will be useful to quickly search for any terms or concepts you can’t remember without fumbling and wasting too much time. But you do need proper Google Adwords Management as there is not enough time allocated for you to rely on the internet for too many answers. There can also be situations where you Google can stop working. You should have preparation for the worst.

How are The Google Ads Certification Exams Conducted?

The exams happen mainly online, and you can decide your own date and time to Get Google AdWords Certified as per your convenience and start the exam from “ Google Academy For Ads “ Platform itself.

What Type of Questions Will be There?

All the questions will be of multiple choice questions, and you will have 4 or 5 options to choose the right answer from. The Grammar and sentence formations will be tricky, and Google will try it’s best to confuse those who are taking the exam and so you must be careful with the exam.

What are The Passing Marks?

To qualify as a certified partner, the passing marks will be 80%, and you can attempt multiple numbers of times to clear the certification exam.

How Many Questions Will be There and Total Time of The Exam?

The number of questions available  and passing marks to Get Google AdWords Certified always depends upon which Google Ads certification exam you are attempting. For example:

The Google Fundamental Certification Has : A total of 65 MCQ and the total time provided is 90 minutes.

The Google Search Certification Has : A total no.of 102 MCQ and Total time provided is 120 minutes and thus it varies according to courses.

What is the longevity of the Google ads certification?

Each Google Ads Certification is valid up to 1 year to a maximum of 2 years from the date you clear the certification exam. After that, you need to Get Google AdWords Certified again. The validity of the new one would be the same.

This is also applied to the “Google Ads Fundamental Certification.” Once the one year period is complete, you will have to upgrade your knowledge, retake the exam and renew your certification again.


By following these methods, you can surely Get Google AdWords Certified and getting the verification in 2 days will be entirely possible.

Always try to take advice from the people or all those who are already in the same field and have already given the exam.

Try to join some Google AdWords community, Quora, etc. Joining all these sites where you can find these experienced people and trying to strick a conversation with them to know more and in-depth about digital marketing and Google AdWords will be helpful to you..


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