Bumble is a dating application equivalent to Tinder in which users build a brief profile with photos and then browse through possible partners. People may swipe right to “like” an account and left to dismiss it, and a match occurs when two users both “like” another’s profile. The app has 100 million users globally. The app has even been attributed to millions of matches and thousands of marriages and engagements.

Bumble provides a handy feature called Bumble Backtrack that lets you undo your last swipe. Whether you’re using the Bumble app or Bumble Web, you can easily backtrack by tapping the arrow in the top left corner of your screen or the two arrows next to the ‘X’ icon (In the case of Bumble Web).

This comprehensive article will cover all you need to learn about Bumble Backtrack. How do you backtrack on Bumble, how does it operate on the Bumble app or website, how many Bumble Backtracks have you got, how do you obtain more, and whatever other questions you may have? Let’s get started!

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What Is Bumble Backtrack?

Bumble Backtrack is a function in the online dating app Bumble that enables you to reverse your previous left swipe if you decide to reconsider and continue to like a person.

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Initially, contrary to Tinder’s Rewind function, which requires a Tinder Gold or Tinder Plus subscription, Bumble Backtrack is entirely free. You did not need a Bumble Boost membership or to purchase Bumble coins to utilize it. However, there was one catch: you can only backtrack three times. It requires three hours to recover a Backtrack once you’ve used it.

However, recently Backtrack was restricted to Bumble Boost and Bumble Premium. You now have to pay for the premium subscription to use Backtrack.

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Why Is Bumble Backtrack A Vital Feature?

Swiping through accounts on the Tinder or Bumble app might be entertaining, but it may also become monotonous. It’s incredibly common that you accidentally swiped left on Bumble and passed on someone before looking closely at their account.bumble features

It may also require patience and effort to learn which way to slide. If you’re new to the program, you can accidentally swipe left, believing you liked them, only to discover later that you didn’t.

Almost every person had experienced spacing out before a device and started exploring thoughtlessly. When your hand reflexively swipes left before you can consider, the Backtrack tool enables you to take a closer look at a person and rethink your swipe decision. 

Download: Bumble

How To Backtrack On Bumble?

Shake the phone if you unintentionally swiped a person to the left. If the app detects your shaking, you are sent to a page where you must verify that you wish to utilize a Backtrack and undo your previous swipe. It’s simple to cancel your previous Bumble swipe on Bumble.backtrack bumble app

Using Bumble’s online app, you may reverse your last swipe by hitting the two arrows adjacent to the ‘X’ button. Now you know how to go back on Bumble.

Can You Use Backtrack To Undo A Right Swipe?

No, this is something you can’t do in Bumble. You can’t utilize the backtrack button to undo your right swipes, so the accounts you liked are gone.bumble swipe right and left on phone

If the guy or girl you unintentionally swiped right liked you previously, it will be an automatic match. In this situation, you may unmatch the individual; they will never know you liked them by accident.

If it isn’t a quick match, you must wait to see if the individual likes you back. If a match is found, a girl can ignore the chat or return to the account and unmatch the individual.

Can You Get Back A Bumble SuperSwipe?

You cannot undo your Bumble SuperSwipes, just as you cannot undo your right swipes. Since there are no free SuperSwipes, you must be extremely cautious not to press on SuperSwipes stars mistakenly, or you will lose valuable Bumble Coins.

Bumble features

The only option is to be careful and always use your Bumble Coins as you purchase them, never buying more Coins than you require. Thus, when you unintentionally SuperSwipe someone, Bumble will be unable to spend your Bumble Coins.

Why Is My Bumble BackTrack Not Working?

You now know how to backtrack on Bumble, but many users have reported that the backtrack feature does not work. There are multiple causes why Bumble Backtrack could not operate properly.

Bumble automatically enables Backtrack after you have swiped in both ways at least once. Remember that Backtrack functions for left swipe only receive three backtracks in three hours.

If you believe you have an operational glitch, below are some steps you can undertake.

If you use an Android device, follow these steps to fix the glitch:

  1. Close the Bumble application.bumble on phone
  2. Uninstall and install Bumble.bumble on playstore
  3. Check for updates on the Play Store to ensure the app is up-to-date.

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These methods will not destroy your account or other account data because Bumble keeps it on its servers rather than on your device.


If you use an Apple device, follow the below steps to fix the glitch:

  1. Launch the Notes application on your device and Fill up the blank document with any word.notes
  2. After then, try shaking your device again. If your iPhone’s accelerometer functions correctly, a window should display asking if you want to “Undo” the swipe.

There might be a problem with your smartphone or the settings on your device when the above steps do not work.

If nothing works, there may be another software problem. Contact Bumble Help and describe the issue to them; they may be able to assist you. With this, we are sure that you know your answer to how to backtrack on Bumble.

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Is it possible for Bumble to display you the same user multiple times?

It doesn't appear to filter accounts depending on the qualities of people you've already swiped. You'll probably observe that if Bumble runs out of fresh individuals in your region, it will display you the same user again, even when you've already swiped left on them.

What exactly is Bumble Beeline?

Using Bumble's beeline feature, you may view those who have already liked you (but have not yet). Bumble keeps these accounts secret until you right-swipe on them, after which they will appear in your match queue.

Is Bumble superior to Tinder?

If you're seeking a committed relationship, Bumble is preferable to Tinder. Bumble was founded by a member of Tinder's developers who sought to build a more 'female-oriented' app. Overall, the connections are better quality, and many women on the app are looking for marriage and settlement.

Why does one's location on Bumble vanish?

Don't be concerned if a person's location isn't displayed on their account. Suppose a person has put their account to Snooze mode (for people you've previously paired with). In that case, if they aren't around one of your regional outlines, or if they've not used the application in many days, their location will not display.

What Are Bumble Prompts?

Prompts are a collection of questions you may add to your page and answer yourself. You can choose up to three prompts and respond to them in 160 characters. You cannot remove them after adding them to your profile and can only change them with new prompts/questions.


Bumble is a popular application that several users worldwide have used to find a partner. Bumble is used more for serious relationships, whereas Tinder is regarded for temporary hookups or friends with benefits.

That said, a wrong swipe on Bumble causes more problems than on Tinder, and you would not want to swipe left a good account. With this in mind, Bumble offers a Backtrack feature that allows users to “undo” their previous left swipe.

We hope this article has solved your question about how to backtrack on Bumble.

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