What are these inappropriate websites? Is it crucial to block these websites? In this modern world, everything coincides with technology. Also, the prime focus of people relies on the creation, development, and exploration of new things. Amongst them, the internet is never optional. In this article learn how to block inappropriate websites on phone.

Specifically, if we notice after the lockdown and social distancing conditions of the covid 19 pandemic, everyone has access to the internet without any age group differences. From education to meditation, the world has become internet-bound.block site

On the internet, there is never an end to pornography. Even if we look for quality content related to personal doubts or academic clarifications, there will always be this inappropriate link pop up. They may also be in the form of pop-ups, banners, text links, buttons that almost appear in all apps, game software, search engines, etc. Someone who becomes the victim of these inappropriate ads is innocent kids. This article will help those parents on How to block inappropriate websites on Phones so that even if they are away from their kids, these websites do not distract them. You can also check out some internet blockers here.

Block Inappropriate Websites on Android

Panic is a common word that hits its popularity after the Pandemic. For parents, the panic is undefined, as they know what the world is going through. So to those parents who genuinely worry for their kids, there is nothing to worry about because the same internet that you think will distract your kid is the same internet that helps you block those. 

DNS Changer

One Predominant app that you can use to safeguard your child from unwanted websites is DNS Changer. This app not only prevents your child from getting exposed to unwanted videos and other time-wasting sites. If you are still thinking about how I block inappropriate sites on my phone, DNS Changer answers such questions. dns changer

 Click on the google play store option on your Android and download the DNS Changer. Once the download gets over, launch into your app, agree to the terms and conditions, and enable access to the app to get rid of unwanted links. Then, go to the tab ‘Open DNS’ and Switch on the DNS. Here you go on how to block inappropriate websites on the phone. Learn how to avoid Internet scams here.


Yes, similar to DNS Changer, several apps are there that help you block inappropriate websites on the phone. Suppose a particular app that can guide you on blocking adult websites on the phone similar to DNS change is BlockSite. Close at hand available numerous sites, and picking up one is very difficult. It enables you to block specific websites from your Android phone, which is unique about this app.blocksite extension

The process starts with downloading the BlockSite app on your Android smartphone. To enable access, launch into the app, it will ask you for accessibility to take control of your mobile to prevent unwanted adult content and other time waste intention websites. Amid various settings, you will also have the ability to find the BlockSite option. It also requires you to turn on its access to take control of your Android phone. A page pops up for your confirmation, where you have to agree by clicking OK. Go to the green color plus icon and block your unwanted video by pasting the URL out there. It will take you to the respective website.

Click the option ‘Done’ to block. The things indicated paves another way how to block inappropriate websites on the phone using apps.

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Block Inappropriate Websites using Google Chrome

To avoid exposing your kids to unwanted websites, it’s better if you know how to block an inappropriate website on the phone. Isn’t it a bombshell if you hear how to stop a website on google chrome androidSearch Giant Google allows the parent to put an end card to the website containing inappropriate content and save their kids with the help of the Google play store. It ensures kids do not explore adult content and download it from the web. Accessing it is easy as pie to enable a safe search setting.block site on chrome

The procedure starts with the Google Play Store, where you have to tap on the Settings option and go to Parent Control. Switch on the parent control option of generating the PIN. It can also use this in your chrome extension to block the inappropriate websites popping up to distract your kids.

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Block Unwanted Websites Without Any App

In this developing world, if your kids are using Android phones daily, it’s necessary to take some safety measures. Even if your kid does not watch this unwanted website, they accidentally go through it. We have looked at how to block inappropriate websites on Android with the help of secondary apps. What if we learn how to block inappropriate websites on an android without an app? It sounds interesting. 

To know how to block inappropriate websites on Android without an app, you have to ensure whether you have enabled safe mode on Google play store, Chrome. To prevent downloading sexual guidance, dating, and other adult-related apps, enable the parental control option only to see the icons, but they cannot download.safe browsing

Secondly, the chrome application is the default in every android mobile. Chrome is there in almost every mobile because of its spontaneous and appropriate results. Especially kids and teenagers go in search of questions that seem unanswered. The parents’ enable safe browsing,’ the kid will only view the answers of their investigation. Also, click the three dots in your chrome application, settings, and security and privacy to select safe browsing and standard or enhanced protection. Learn how to stay safe on the internet here.


How to block inappropriate websites on Chrome on Android?

Go to the chrome page on your Android. Click the URL you dislike, or comparatively worst, and want to block. Click on the three vertical dots in the right corner. Tap on-site settings to block the website that you find inappropriate or unwanted

How to block a website using a Security app?

The security app is also similar to the other apps we have seen above. This app is also used to block websites and act against viruses. For this, you have to launch the mobile security and antivirus app. Allow permission to the app to take control of your mobile. Go to the parent control and tap on the website filter. You have to log on with your email id and password, so if you don't have one, you must create and then try out the log-in process. Tap on the blocked list to want unwanted apps not to influence your kid. You can also add a handful of websites to get blocked using BlockSite. But the point to be noted is that you have to pay $20 as a yearly subscription.


This article sets its roots to help parents save their kids from getting victimized. Thus, the report explores how to block inappropriate websites on phones with different apps and websites. Precisely talks about achieving the same without the app. I think you find this article is informative and helpful. If you cannot reach a site on google, check out the fixes here.

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