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If you recently have bought yourself a new laptop or have an old one that you desperately don’t want to have to replace any time soon, making sure that your device lasts for a few years is going to take a lot of effort. After all, you don’t want to have to end up being stuck using your iPad because your Mac has called it a day and stopped working. Thus increasing laptop lifespan is a must Although, if you do need to use an iPad to keep working, you can always make use of an iPad pro docking station to help make your desk a more manageable place to work from.

However, there are a number of useful little tricks that you can use to help keep your device in tip-top shape and increase laptop lifespan for the next few years, thereby saving you tons of money in repair. Moreover, the better maintained your Mac is, the more valuable it will still be if you end up deciding to sell it and buy a new one. So, what are the best methods to make sure your Mac always stays in good health?

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Clean Your Hard Drive

If you tend to spend a lot of time working on your Mac, then it is very easy for you to end up accumulating a lot of unnecessary files on your hard disk. When this happens, it can often end up leading to an overly full storage space, which results in a number of performance issues on your Mac. Some of which include; slow performance, apps freezing or crashing, etc.

Clean Your Hard Drive
Clean Your Hard Drive

As such, you should make sure that you take some time off each month to go through your Mac to get rid of any unnecessary files you don’t need. You can either manually delete them yourself or transfer them to another device instead, using a USB c hub. You can also make use of a cleanup tool like CleanMyMacX to remove any hidden cache files.

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Install anti-malware software

Many Mac users ended up buying Macs to escape the constant struggle of dealing with malware and viruses on their Windows laptops. However, it is a common misconception that you cannot end up with an infected Mac. This is because as time passes, more and more viruses are being made to target Apple OS systems. In this respect, the best way to protect your Mac and increase laptop lifespan is to make sure that you have anti-virus software installed on your device to help block the risk of future threats.

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Perform Periodic Maintenance and Cleaning

It is important to always keep your laptop physically clean because if dust starts to culminate within your device, that could lead to a whole host of problems that can create serious issues with your hardware. For instance, this could lead to your Mac’s fans malfunctioning or your motherboard getting short-circuited. You should also make sure that you clean the screen properly because it will not only make it easier on the eyes but reduce the risk of damage that could lead to repair. In this respect, you can always purchase a MacBook air screen protector, which should protect it from the risk of smudges or scratches.

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Make Sure To Fully Backup Your Device

It is important that you always backup your laptop to help prevent data loss. After all, if your system suddenly crashes or your end up with a virus infection, if you haven’t backed up your files and system data, it will be difficult to get your Mac back to working order. In this regard, there are a number of methods that you can use to perform backups. For instance, you can make use of the TimeMachine feature to regularly backup your Mac. You also need a secure storage space to store your files, like an SD Card or external storage disk. You can always use an HDMI hub which will provide you with all the connection ports you need to not only transfer files but also stream video content, if necessary.

Always Download Software Updates

It is important to also make sure that your computer is consistently updated to ensure that you have all the new security updates that are needed to keep your computer safe from harm. You can always perform a system update whenever they become available, but it is always better to dedicate some time once a month to avoid compromising your workflow and increase the laptop lifespan.

Close Any Unused Applications

One of the most common ways that often lead to people complaining about overheating and slow-performing Macs is leaving too many open apps without closing them. This can often lead to a number of problems like overworked fans and hard drives, which can lead to system crashes and failures. However, you should remember that there may also be some apps that are open in the background that you may not even be aware of. They could be consuming a lot of processing power as well, so the best thing is to open your Mac’s Activity Monitor tool and to check to see what applications are open and to consume the most RAM.


These were some of the easiest ways to increase laptop lifespan. Make sure you try out all of them and see the miracle yourself!

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