4 Tips To Fix Java Virtual Machine Launcher Errors

The Java Virtual Machine is a processor that enables us to run Java applications on our PC. All the Java-based packages in your PC run well when the Java Virtual Machine appropriately functions. Through this virtual machine, your software documents are loaded, interpreted, and as well, executed. In this way, the Java Virtual Machine takes up the java byte codes to translate them into machine-specific or to operate system-specific instructions. Quite often, you might have come across certain messages on your PC while the usage of Java programs indicates errors. You must have gotten a message on your Pc while you were booting it. Or you were trying to open any Java-based software, and the message would show “error: Could not create the java virtual machine” or something like, ‘Java Virtual Machine Launcher could not find the main class: the program will now exit.’ Even though java virtual machine launcher errors are not so malignant that you have to discontinue your work, but then again, they are annoying!

java virtual machine
java virtual machine

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Tips To Fix Java Virtual Machine Launcher Error

This article takes you through the various errors that you may stumble upon while you run any Java-based application. We additionally offer you numerous recommendations to fix these java virtual machine launcher errors. Below we have listed 4 easy and quick ways to fix the Java Virtual Machine Launcher Error.

Remove The Malware 

You might have stumbled upon a text that shows you this “error Message: Java Virtual Machine Launcher could not find the main class: the program will now exit.” This is one of the common java virtual machine launcher errors. If this has happened, here is a solution for you!

All you have to do is remove any malware from your PC. You can do this using Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool. This is an in-built malware and virus removal tool. Microsoft created it for its operating system. 

If you want to access the Microsoft Malicious Software Removal tool, follow the given instructions:

  • Being by clicking on the Start Menu. 
  • After this, go to Search Windows.
  • Here, type and search “mrt”
  • The Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool can be seen here.
  • Here, you will see numerous options. 
  • Choose Full Scan.
  • After this, you will have to start the scan. 
  • Comply with the on-screen wizard from here.
  • It shall soak up a couple of your minutes. And your scan will be done!.
  • Once the test is done, reboot your PC.
  • Now, you will be launching the System Configuration tool.
  • Again, from the Start Menu, choose Search Windows.
  • Here, type and look for “MSConfig” 
  • You will find the System Configuration tool.
  • Form all the options available, go for the tab showing “Startup”.
  • You will see a list. From there, look for “javaw.exe.” and “WJView.exe.”
  • After you discover these things, uncheck them. 

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Uninstalling and Re-installing the Java VM Launcher

If the Java VM error says: “Error Message: Error opening registry key,” then you will find a solution for this here.

error opening key
error opening key

It is as simple as uninstalling the JVM launcher from your PC. All you have got to do is uninstall the root itself, because of which java virtual machine launcher errors problem exists in the first place! Once it is uninstalled, install it again. 

But wait! Before uninstalling it, follow these steps:

  • Open Windows\system32.
    system 32
    system 32
  • From there, delete all the Java executable files. They may include ‘java.exe,’ and ‘javaw.exe,’ and ‘javaws.exe,’ among others. 
  • Locate the Control Panel of your computer.
  • Open the tab that says ‘Programs and Features’ tab.
    programs and features
    programs and features
  • Search for Java runtime.
  • Uninstall it! To uninstall Java VM, the following are the instructions:

To re-installing Java VM, the following are the instructions:

  • Go to the website: java.com.
  • Download the version that is most compatible with your system.
  • If you end up with incompatible versions, you will have to face the same errors all over again!

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Clear The Memory From Your Computer 

At times, if you are playing a game, say Minecraft, and you get a text which shows this: “Error Message: Could not create the Java Virtual Machine,” we have a solution for java virtual machine launcher errors here.

Your computer might probably have inadequate memory. Sometimes, this can be a reason for your launcher problems with the JVM. You might have as well allotted inadequate memory for Java Runtime. This could also be a problem.

If you have been struggling with insufficient memory on your computer, the best option is to remove all those unwanted software and all the applications you do not need.

If you are having an issue related to the memory space that you have allocated to Java Runtime, go through the following instructions:

  1. Head to the Control Panel of your computer.
  2. Open the tab that says ‘Systems.’
  3. Click on Advanced. A new window will appear.
  4. In this window, you will see an option called ‘Environment Variables.’ Click on it.
    advanced system settings
    advanced system settings
  5. In this, you will find another option called ‘System Variables.’ 
  6. Under this option, choose the ‘New’ variable option.
  7. Type the variable name ‘_JAVA_OPTIONS.’
    java options
    java options
  8. The value has to be ‘Xmx512M’. 

To Access Jarfile

If you try to open certain Java-based applications and the error prompt that you get “Error Message: Unable to access jarfile,” Another common java virtual machine launcher errors then this is the solution. 

Follow these instructions for the solution:

  1. Click on the Start Menu. Go to the option that says ‘Default Program.’
  2. In this tab, look for an option called ‘Associate a file type or protocol with a program
  3. ‘Select this option.
    associate a file type or protocol with a program
    associate a file type or protocol with a program
  4. Here, click on the extension ‘.jar’.
    select .jar extension
    select .jar extension
  5. After doing this, change the default program to this: ‘Java virtual machine launcher.’ 
  6. When you click on Close, the changes will be saved automatically.

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By following the tips given here, you will hopefully fix any Java Virtual Machine Launcher error on your computer. You will thus be able to run java based applications and games smoothly. Now you don’t need to look for ‘java virtual machine download windows 10’ on Google. Follow the instructions in this article to fix the error, and you’re all set to run your computer like clockwork.

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