How to Root Nexus 5 with Ease (Complete Guide)

Android lovers who got an amazing set Nexus 5 should read this article to boost up their device. This model Android device has a lot of functionalities and rooting that will be fun for you. If you decide to Root Nexus 5, then it will enable you to access the administrator of your device to remove unnecessary apps and adding most wanted apps to your mobile. To perform this installation process, you should require root access. Another one advantage of rooting the Nexus 5 is you can flash the Custom ROM on your device.

This blog gives you the way to root Nexus 5 without any damage to your device. Before getting into the steps, I will give you the prerequisites to be performed in your Nexus 5.

Before you root nexus 5, back up all the data like contacts, media files, images, videos in a separate memory card. Because rooting the device will backup all your data in your mobile. To avoid unexpected shut down of your mobile during rooting processes ensure that your Nexus 5 has nearly 70% charge.

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Steps to Root Nexus 5

Here I have shared the procedure to root Nexus 5 device. Follow the hereinafter steps to boost up the performance of your device.

Root Nexus 5
How to Root Nexus 5 with Ease – CF-Auto-Root
  1. In your Nexus 5 click on the option Setting and then find and tap Developer options.
  2. Then in that check, the box USB debugging. If you do not find these options in your mobile go to About Phone in the settings and tap on Build Number to enable debugging. Enabling USB debugging will allow your PC to issue the commands to your Nexus 5.
  3. Next to root your mobile, download CF-Auto-Root a chainfire’s rooting tool. Download the Zip file of the CF-Auto- Root and extract the file in separate in your system.
  4. Then click on the Volume Down and Power button at a time to enable Fastboot/ bootloader mode. While doing this, you will see a black screen with the picture of Android mascot on the back.
  5. Next, connect your Nexus 5 to the PC through the USB cable.
  6. Then find the CF- Auto- Root folder in your system and unzip the file. When you are in the folder, then hold the Shift key, and then right click on the folder and tap on the option ‘Open Command Window here’.
  7. Next, type the command root-windows.bat on the command window.
  8. Next step will be automatically guided by the command window. In this first, unlock the bootloader. To confirm the status of the bootloader simply look at your device. At the bottom of your device screen, you can see the Lock state: Unlocked or Locked.
  9. After giving the above command in the command window just sit back and rest for few minutes
  10. Your phone will be rebooted with a red android logo.

This guide is just a common procedure to root nexus 5 with your device. If you are using specific Android versions in your mobile then here is the guide to root your device.

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How to Root Nexus 5 on Android Lollipop

For performing the reboot process, you have to download and install USB drivers, SuperSU and custom recovery tool in your system.

  1. Enable the USB debugging by following the procedure given above to enable it
  2. Then install Nexus 5 USB Drivers in your computer
  3. Download and install Universal ADB Driver in your system
  4. Then download fastboot for Windows and SuperSU v2.46 on your PC
  5. Next, connect your device to your PC
  6. Then imitate the SuperSU zip file to the root directory of the Nexus 5
  7. Then download ClockWorkMod custom recovery tool and keep it in ADB file folder
  8. After all reset your mobile in Fastboot mode
  9. Next, go to the folder of ADB tool
  10. After that, open the command window as given by the above method
  11. Next type the following command
    fastboot flash recovery recovery-clockwork-touch-
  12. Next by using the volume keys and power button go to the recovery mode in your Nexus 5
  13. Next select on the option “install zip” in the mobile using the volume key and press power button for confirmation. Then go for “choose zip from SD card.”
  14. Then select the Zip file of SuperSU and press power button. Wait till you get the confirmation of installation
  15. Then shift back to the main menu of your Nexus 5 and reboot your device.

Yeah, finally your Nexus 5 with Android Lollipop has been rooted easily.

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If you are searching for the best procedure to root Nexus 5, then this complete guide will advise you to root your device easily without damaging your device. Rooting your device by following the above steps will give you the easy way to remove all the unwanted apps and files from your device. Get a perfect device to install a lot of specific and useful apps by rooting your device easily.

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