Spyse Review: A Powerful New Cybersecurity Search Engine

Spyse is an innovative cybersecurity search engine and pen-testing tool which combines several scanning services into one. They implement a different approach from other services by offering an extensive database. It collects all various types of information that the target assessment needs. Here’s an honest Spyse review to make you more aware about this platform, its pros as well as cons.

the data you get
The data you get

Read on this Spyse review to learn about the Spyse search engine and how this platform offers a brand new way of browsing and attaining data. 

Global Mass Data Gathering

To make for a readily available database, Spyse has an entire self-developed scanner infrastructure. These scanners scan the web uninterruptedly, each obtaining a specific set of data. Multiple sources gather all the information, and the sources undergo constant evaluation. 

server distribution
server distribution

 The scanning is performed all over the world. This is due to the fact that a global server distribution system that lets Spyse bypass area scanning restrictions,and blocking from ISPs. As a result, users always get more extensive and way more accurate results than scanning using a stack of different tools (if they do not want to do it for the next 24 hours).

The Spyse Database 

 As mentioned earlier, all data on Spyse is interlinked and gets processed by algorithms and then stored into the database, which the user can pull from instantly using the search engine. This Spyse review can help you with those cyber intrusions that are becoming common and complex these days.


security scoring
security scoring

The database is an expansive cluster of fifty highly-functioning servers that store over 7 billion documents of hot data. To help the user navigate through this colossus, Spyse interlinks and connects all the data and this Spyse review has covered it all for you.

How to Get Data with Spyse 

Users can get data directly from Spyse’s web interface or the API.

The web interface is a simple search engine, which offers a variety of ways to direct your results. Tables organizes data, edits it, and filters out unnecessary data. Spyse also implements some useful productivity perks to enhance data collection, which we describe in the next section.

Spyse also has an API, which comes with documentation on Swagger, making it easy to interact. All the different methods for how you can use the API are outlined in the API section of the website. The API then attains all GUI info.

The team has yet to drop their command-line interface. However, they do have a few Python wrappers which were made by outsourced developers.

Handy Productivity Tools

Spyse isn’t shy about adding some extra productivity perks to their service. Security Scoring is a great feature for quickly scanning infrastructures for vulnerabilities. It compares the data from the database to the trusted CVE databases to provide a security rating for all domains and IPs. It’s beneficial and straightforward, along with the advanced search that will help to find all vulnerable infrastructures and a list of targets with specific CVEs.

Advanced search is a live filter that extracts precise results. This helps when you know what you’re looking for and can return with interesting additional info. For example: search for all IPs that have specific technology, product or service on it, and get vulnerability score for each IP that it founds. Users can add up to 5 search parameters to each query to find precise results.

advanced search
advanced search

How Spyse Helps Cybersecurity Specialists 

Security specialists who use Spyse are certainly a step ahead of hackers. Sec engineers can save up the time it takes to perform scans and analyze their infrastructure to focus their time and resources on preventive and defensive measures.

This cyber security search engine can be beneficial to pen-testers and bug bounty hunters. Pen-testers can quickly assess infrastructure vulnerabilities and perform mock attacks remaining undetected when entering a system. Bug bounty hunters can use this tool to build target lists swiftly, avoid rate limits, and bypass contract restrictions. This renders some tools unavailable for use. 

Concluding Our Spyse Review

Overall, Spyse offers a lot of tools and perks which other services do not and we hope this Spyse review can help you with the growing cyber threats. Having a database at your disposal means that you can automate data gathering processes, which used to take up a lot of time, making Spyse a great leap forward in creating safer cyber-infrastructures. 

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