Fix “Unfortunately Google Search Has Stopped Working” Error

In this technological era, we are mostly searching answers for every question that arises in our mind through Google search. Only a few persons search for answers in other sites. The probability of persons using Google search is more in this world. Most of the Google users might have already faced a problem in the form of pop up message saying, “Unfortunately Google Search Has Stopped Working” and then your app will be crashed. If you are facing this problem more often, read this article to get perfect answers to solve this error.

If you wish to get rid of from this error, then read the below methods and follow one of them to finish your process. This may be due to memory/ cache issues, and mostly this will be faced by long term mobile users. There might also be a problem with Google Chrome. Some cases have been recorded even in new mobiles. So here are your solutions, read it and use it.

Methods to fix “Unfortunately Google Search Has Stopped Working”

This is not a serious problem, and one of the reasons for such pop-up message is a failure in the search engine in the background. If you clean the data of the application, you may easily rectify this problem. Here is the way to do it to solve “Unfortunately Google Search Has Stopped Working”.

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Clear App Data

This is one of the easy ways to solve the error. Here are the steps to clear the app data.

  • The first step is open the Settings in your android mobile.
  • Next tap on the Apps on the long-term. You can find this App or Application section in the General settings in your mobile.
  • Then scroll down and click on the All button.
Clear App Data
Clear App Data
  • Then search on click for the Google search in your Android mobile. This is present among all the apps in your mobile.
  • In the Google Search option, you will find a button called Clear Data or Manage Data option. Just click on it to clear the data of the Google Search and to stop the popup “Unfortunately Google Search has Stopped Working.”
  • Next switch off your mobile and turn it on to work as usual without any errors.

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Disable Voice Search

If you have tried the above method, and though you are receiving the message “Unfortunately Google Search Has Stopped Working,” then you’re the smart phone is a different model or you may be facing any other problem.

In this case, you may be searching for any complex solutions as it appears more often. No worries just follow a simple method of disabling the voice search. The cause behind this error is may be due to trying the voice search in Google. Turn off the Google Voice search for rectifying your problem easily. The steps for disabling the Google Voice search are given below.

Disable Voice Search
Disable Voice Search

Follow the subsequent steps to clear the error message.

  • First, go to the Setting in your mobile.
  • Then click on the option Apps or Application which is available in the Settings.
  • Then scroll down towards the left of the screen and click on the Running Tab.
  • Below the Running section, you may find the option called Voice Search for Google Search.
  • Then disable the option Voice Search.
  • Then use the Google search, now you will not face the message “Unfortunately, Google search has stopped working.”

Update your Google App

If you are getting the above-mentioned error message continuously, even after trying the above solutions, then your cause for the error may be different. So to come out of it, just update the Google App to the new version of it. Update the Google app to the recent new version and solve your error message and use it smoothly.


Steps to update the Google:

  • First, open the Google Play Store on your mobile.
  • Then in the play store, you will see the option called My apps on the right side of the screen.
  • Under the My apps option, you may see the Google app and tab on it.
  • You can see the update option which you have to click to update to the latest version of the Google.
  • This method is one of the most useful options to get rid of the error message easily.

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Final Words

Mobile users, facing an error message like “Unfortunately Google Search Has Stopped Working” can easily get rid of the error. The solutions are just 2 to 3 steps process, and one can easily follow it. The above-mentioned methods to be followed to easily come out of it and to have the smooth running of the Google App to search for the wanted answers. If you are facing such problems even after doing the above process, then just restart your mobile or do a factory reset to completely rectify your mobile phone from the error messages.

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