What are Board Portals | Everything You Need to Know

Board portal software is a modern tool that significantly facilitates the managing process. Cloud-based storage contains a plethora of features for good governance: voting tool, e-signature, agenda management, meetings – everything that can utterly engage every of the board members. With the help of this article, we hope to answer the question, ”What are board portals ”?

board portal
Board Portal

While there is no specific definition for boardroom technology because there are so many varied interpretations of what that term means, a broad definition might cover any sort of technology utilized in the boardroom. A more precise definition would be any technology that helps boards of directors to improve performance and governance via the use of new technologies based on a core set of tools.

The Key Features Of Board Portal Software

Fundamentally, board software has several elements that demand specific attention. They’re all designed to make corporate operations go quicker, easier, and more efficiently. The information in the board portals is freely accessible and may be shared with all board meeting participants at any time.

accessibility of board portals
Accessibility of Board Portals

The following are some of the most important characteristics of virtual boardrooms:

Calendar Tool For Board Members

With the aid of a user-friendly and very powerful calendar that includes a reminder option, your board can be kept up to date on upcoming meetings and activities. This will ensure that your board of directors is regularly informed about all of your company’s activities.

calendar app
Calendar app

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Possibility Of Data Approval And Archiving

It is feasible to deliver board meeting information digitally and use e-signature technology for director approval.

data storage and archiving
Data Storage and Archiving

It’s also simple to archive the authorized meetings and save them in a safe location for subsequent inspection.

More Productive Meeting Preparations 

Users may utilize board portals to conveniently prepare for meetings and communicate any relevant materials with board members. Most board portals provide directors with access to a strong board meeting management with a variety of features and the ability to manage data in a variety of formats.

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Round-The-Clock Governing Support 

When there are concerns with business governance, the board can engage boardroom providers’ round-the-clock support to seek immediate aid with their issues. This guarantees that the corporate management process runs smoothly and without any unexpected issues.

Comments And Notes Tool

Members of the board have the opportunity to not only edit the content of files but also to add comments and notes as needed. This offers the firm governance process a more personal touch and allows the board to have complete control over the business activities.


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How To Choose A Boardroom?

Improved board governance comes with the capacity to safely and quickly communicate sensitive material. This provides boards with the clarity, control, and assurance they need to make decisions. 

Your board will be able to view meeting minutes, sign critical papers, create templated agendas, automate meeting scheduling, and allocate and manage responsibilities using the finest software. When making a board portal comparison, customers should first consider some crucial factors.


Any boardroom portal’s duties include increasing productivity, boosting communication among team members, and achieving goals. However, to save time and money, a rising number of businesses are implementing new virtual technologies. 


There is no need to spend money on traveling, mailing papers, or other procedures. Instead, you’ll have exclusive access to the board management software at any time, from any device, and from any location for a modest fee.


Platforms that are simple to access should be prioritized, as you will need to comprehend all of the platform’s capabilities when handling board communication. Examine the website’s operations, basic and advanced choices, and client feedback to determine its effectiveness.

A Free-Trial Option

A reputable vendor of board portal software will provide a free trial to its consumers. Any user would want to be aware of the software’s options, features, and tools, as well as assess the use of the software’s capabilities.

free trial
Free trial

Features Of The Platform

To get the most out of platform efficiency, the host must be aware of advanced features that must be claimed. Simple features like e-signing may not seem important in the grand scheme of things, but they are important when it comes to team communication.


Check over all of the platform’s features and services to see whether they’ll be sufficient for your business. The board software should be tailored not only to the host’s tastes but also to the industry’s and your individual business’s requirements.

Convenience And Accessibility 

Board portals are critical for providing timely access to board resources and last-minute changes to directors. Business continuity is aided by timely and convenient access to papers via board software. This makes it much easier to handle a natural disaster, sudden CEO retirement, or public relations problem.

The Level Of Data Security

While choosing a proper boardroom portal, we should keep in mind that, first of all, this is cloud-based storage that contains vulnerable data. Companies use boardroom software to engage all members in managing processes. Moreover, they provide more facilitate board document management to the enterprise.

data security
Data Security

Hence, you must ask vendors about the security level of the software. 

Why Do Boards Use Technology To Manage Directors And Officers?

D&O surveys are not only useful for ensuring compliance, but they may also be a useful tool for board directors. Digital D&O can enhance accuracy and timeliness while streamlining the process. Corporate secretaries readily customize all of the questions on the questionnaires to ensure that the firm is appropriately providing information. 

This allows the General Counsel to quickly assess the questionnaire and ensure that it fulfills their approval standards.


Unlike a paper questionnaire, where directors, officers, and shareholders must pass through items that do not pertain to them, corporate secretaries may set up Diligent’s D&O questionnaire so that respondents only see the questions that apply to them. D&O technologies that may better assist boardroom procedures and accelerate conflict of interest processes should be on the lookout for board administrators.

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We hope we have answered your question: what are board portals? We also hope reading this article has helped you better understand how to choose the best board portal suited to your needs.

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